toronto lululemon membership

My thoughts on the Lululemon Membership

So lulu came out with memberships (for select cities) at the beginning of September. As a crazy avid lululemon-website-stalker at that time, I didn’t think twice and signed myself up… Keep reading to learn what it’s all about! Lululemon Membership So what is it? Essentially, there’s 5 components to the membership: the Welcome Gear you …

lululemon free to be serene bra
Cyn Reviews Lululemon

Lululemon Free to Be Serene bra: Regular vs High Neck vs High Neck Long Line

The Free to be Serene (FTBS) bra is where my obsession with this brand all began!! This was the very first item I purchased from Lululemon. Now as my collection expands, I’m able to compare the 3 (of the 4) FTBS styles I’ve purchased. Free to be Serene – Regular The FTBS line is listed …

lululemon everywhere bag
Cyn Reviews Lululemon

Fancy a Fanny Pack? Lululemon Everywhere Bag & On the Beat Belt Bag

As summer is wrapping up, I wanted to share my thoughts on 2 lululemon fanny packs I’ve purchased and used this spring & summer. This will not be a detailed review of either bags so if there’s something specific you’d like to know, please free feel to leave a comment below. Everywhere Bag The name …