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Fancy a Fanny Pack? Lululemon Everywhere Bag & On the Beat Belt Bag

As summer is wrapping up, I wanted to share my thoughts on 2 lululemon fanny packs I’ve purchased and used this spring & summer.

This will not be a detailed review of either bags so if there’s something specific you’d like to know, please free feel to leave a comment below.

Everywhere Bag

The name speaks for itself! For the past few months, I have been wearing this bag literally everywhere: to the grocery store, the cat shelter, the park, etc.

It’s a nice compact size, 1L of volume, which is large enough for my phone and a couple of essentials (keys, slim wallet, sunglasses & hand sanitizer). I also love the loose boxy shape it has and the water-resistant fabric.

During Covid, this bag has been especially handy since I try to carry and touch as little things as possible when I’m out. The bag is small and the fabric is easy to clean, so it has been the ideal bag to use and then come home to disinfect.

It currently retails for C$38, but I’ve seen it on the We Made Too Much (WMTM) page for C$29.

lululemon Everywhere Bag in Pink Pastel C$38
A couple compartments inside and an outside zipper pocket

This bag came in so many different gorgeous colours! I have this bag in 2 colours; the Medium Olive and Pink Pastel as you see above. Currently, the colour selections available are quite limited (I see black, red and lemon vibe on their website) but since Lululemon refreshes their online stock regularly, I would keep your eyes peeled for a colour that’s sold out to come back. Another thing to note is that in-store stock varies store to store and they often carry items that are sold out online. You can always chat with a Lululemon educator (customer service rep) on their website first to see if there’s a specific colour and item available at a store near you.

A little con I noticed about the bag that I’m not overly happy about is the belt straps do stretch out over time. I’m not sure if I was feeding too many heavy items into the bag, or if this is a common issue with belt bags in general, but after weeks of consistent use, my bag definitely does not sit as high on my hips as they once did.

This doesn’t bother me too much but it’s something to think about in terms of care for the bag. If you consistently over-stuff it with heavy items, the straps will not keep its length! As I already have the belt at its shortest setting, the length is not something I can easily adjust anymore.

Something else I’ve seen mentioned online is an issue with poor zipper quality. Personally, I had no issues with mine, and in general the ratings and reviews on this bag seem very positive from the several review sites I’ve seen on the internet. So I would still say that you can’t go wrong with this bag.

Note: I bought the Medium Olive first and I loved it so much I bought the Pastel Pink after. I’ve been more careful with the Pastel Pink and not placing very heavy items into it. Hoping the straps hold up its length this time around!

Next up is the On the Beat Belt Bag!

This bag is much larger, with carrying volume of 4.5L. It is priced at C$58 but is constantly on the We Made Too Much (WMTM) page which is when I purchased it. If you’re interested, just check their WMTM page from time to time and you will see certain colours still on sale! The bag does look a little wrinkly due to this slippery fabric. But I noticed this is only an issue on certain light colours.

lululemon On the Beat Belt Bag in Cherry Tint

I actually got this Bag for my mom and so she is the one that has been using it consistently. As she likes to always carry water with her, this bag allows her to carry a mini water bottle with her on her walks.

It’s very spacious on the inside and has nice compartments and pockets which I found very useful when I want to pop in a hair-tie or bobby pin and not have to dig around for it afterwards.

Howeverrr, one major thing is that the photo really doesn’t show how much larger it is in comparison to the Everywhere Bag.

LLL Everywhere Bag (L) and LLL On the Beat Belt Bag (R)

I personally think it looks too large on me. The bag really wraps around the front of my hips and if there’s a lot of items in the bag, it will protrude outwards, as the fabric is thin and will take shape to the contents that are inside.

As I always pack light when I go out, the larger size of this bag is not that useful to me. If you do like a bag that can hold a lot, this could be for you as my mama has been loving it.

So just on the larger size alone, I don’t think it’s for everyone (probably why I’ve been seeing it on WMTM a lot), but it’s still a great functional piece to consider if you are looking for a beautiful belt bag with larger carrying volume.

As for whether or not the belt straps will stretch out, I haven’t used the bag enough to be able to accurately comment. I will have to see and update this post later.

Final thoughts: the On the Beat Belt Bag is quite a large bag with a lot of holding capacity. If you don’t need that, then I’d skip this one. (I do loove the Cherry Tint colour though).

Would you purchase either of the lululemon fanny packs mentioned?

If you already own either bags, please share your thoughts on them with me!

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful!



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