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Lululemon Free to Be Serene bra: Regular vs High Neck vs High Neck Long Line

The Free to be Serene (FTBS) bra is where my obsession with this brand all began!! This was the very first item I purchased from Lululemon. Now as my collection expands, I’m able to compare the 3 (of the 4) FTBS styles I’ve purchased.

Free to be Serene – Regular

The FTBS line is listed as a light support bra, designed for C/D cup sizes. It’s made with Full-On Luxtreme fabric, which is the most sweat-wicking fabric offered at Lululemon. I’m surprised to learn that this bra is designed for training (vs for yoga), as light support bras are typically only for yoga, and the “serene” in its name just makes me think of shavasana lol. I would argue that it provides medium support as this is a high coverage bra with the generous amount of fabric.

I’ve owned the black one for a couple years and as one of my most worn bras, I’m happy to say that it still looks about the same as when I first bought it. I was concerned about the straps stretching out over time, but that hasn’t been an issue for me.

For reference, I wear a size 4 in the FTBS and size 6 in the Free to be Wild and Energy bras.

I love this bra for hot yoga because the back is very air-ventilating and I can sweat all I want without worry of sweat stains.

Free to be Serene – High Neckline

I just recently purchased mine on sale. Lately I’ve been into high-neck bras because I love the shape of it and also for the extra coverage. The print you see here is the Floral Metropolis Multi with Soleil straps.

As you can see, the high neckline means the fabric expands all the way up to my collarbone area. I kind of love this look?! It looks like a little crop top but provides enough coverage up top so that I don’t feel exposed.

The back of the bra basically looks the same as the Regular style. It provides more way more support if you have a larger chest and I don’t see a side-boob issue happening (I have noticed this issue with the High neckline Energy bras) so if you are chestier, this bra should still fit nicely.

Free to be Serene – High Neckline Long-line

Last but not least is the style with the most coverage! I was super excited because I also got this one on sale. The major difference with this style from the last, is the longer band underneath the bust and the little cut-out at the back of the bra, due to the longer band.

Free to be Serene High neckline Long-line in Magenta Glow

When I first saw the back of this bra, I thought it was super cute! I do like how this style looks the most like a padded tank top. I could wear this with high-waisted pants and it’ll look like a regular tank top, not a bra top. I haven’t had issues with the band rolling up as I work out, so it does stay in place.

Personally, I don’t love the longer line design. The band actually gets in my way, especially when I’m doing ab exercises, I kind of wish the band isn’t there. It serves to provide additional support and to keep the bra in place, but for me, it was just extra fabric that made me sweat more.

Free to be Serene – Long-line

So the last style is essentially just the Regular style, but with a longer band underneath the bust like the previous style mentioned. Back of the band doesn’t have the fun cut-out though. As already mentioned, I don’t like the long band design so I’ve passed on this style.

Final Thoughts

My preferred style is still the Regular. It is just a plain sports bra but if I had to pack just one bra for a trip, it would still be the Regular. The quality and style is great in my opinion and would make a great staple in any activewear wardrobe!

Pictures to Compare the 3 Styles

lululemon free to be serene back

I Hope this side by side comparison was helpful! If you’d like to shop for this bra, you can visit the lululemon website here.

Thanks for reading and let me know what is your go-to sport bra!



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