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My thoughts on the Lululemon Membership

So lulu came out with memberships (for select cities) at the beginning of September. As a crazy avid lululemon-website-stalker at that time, I didn’t think twice and signed myself up…

Keep reading to learn what it’s all about!

Lululemon Membership

So what is it?

Essentially, there’s 5 components to the membership: the Welcome Gear you receive when you sign up, Classes and Events to attend throughout the year, Birthday Discount on for the week of your birthday, Go and Grow digital workshops and First Dibs access to shop new products.

There’s also a member’s Facebook group but I don’t use Facebook so I have no experience with what goes on there.

Welcome Gear

You have the choice of an exclusive piece of membership clothing, a “membership” journal and a string bag for the welcome gear.

For ladies, you can pick between the 25″ Black Align Leggings or the Perfectly Over-sized Crew Sweatshirt.

I went with the sweatshirt just because the original retail value is higher and because I don’t already own something like it.

I sized down to a size 2 because I know I didn’t want it to look overly baggy.

Perfectly Oversized Crew, Size 2
Everything included in the Welcome gear package.
Lululemon membership journal. Has dotted pages inside.

2 MONTHS later: Sad to say that I regretted getting this. 🙁 I’m 5’2″ so it’s way too long and baggy I could have gone with the 25″ Aligns and gotten them shortened for free at a Lulu store. oh well . I’m currently trying to sell this sweatshirt on my Poshmark if anyone’s interested. I accept offers!

Classes and Events

You receive 12 class passes, 1 per month, for classes and events at studios Lululemon has partnered with. For the Toronto Membership, this includes studios like Modo Yoga, Solis Movement, and AfterGlow Studio.

I attended a Chi Junky flow class which had an awesome playlist and I discovered a really relaxing yogi song that I adore 🙂 I Am Light by India Arie is a true gem. This is a song that can instantly calm me down when I’m feeling panicky.

yoga pink

In addition to the 12 annual passes, you get 4 friend passes so you can bring a friend to 4 of the in-studio/virtual classes with you. If Covid wasn’t happening right now, I’d be ecstatic to hear this since I always want my friends to come join me at my studio classes.

It is a use-it-or lose-it policy so any unused passes for the month does not rollover to the next.

Birthday Discount

This is the one I was most excited about!

As a member, you get a 20% off on one order (maximum of 10 products) during the week of your birthday. This includes originally priced and on sale items.

Go and Grow Workshops

Live digital workshops with focus on personal growth and development.

There was a kickoff workshop where you map out your focus of the year and every quarter you receive a specifically tailored workshop that focuses on your initial goals.

glow and grow workshop

First Dibs

Members receive early access to purchase certain new releases and exclusive products.

So far I’ve seen only one first dibs email which was sent out over a weekend and then the items were released the following Tuesday on their website for non-members too. So I guess you get a couple days ahead of everyone else to scope out something new.


As mentioned before, it is an annual membership, and the Toronto one cost C$168 (this includes the cost of the membership gear).

The non-membership version of my oversized crew sweatshirt is listed at C$108 on their website, so for simplicity, if I just subtract that from the cost of the full membership, I can isolate the cost of the membership itself to be $60 (excluding the value of the other goodies like the lulu journal and string bag).

If you fully utilize your 12 classes and 4 friend passes, worth roughly $20 – $30 per class, it would far exceed the $60 membership.

For someone like myself, who enjoys indulging in studio classes every once in a while, the 12 class passes alone is worth it. But of course, at the moment I’m not able to get the studio experience as most of the classes are held virtually.

There are also the workshops and other events and if you attend everything offered (some classes/workshops are free), there is great value in the membership.

On the flip side, they are likely going to get more of your business when you choose to shop with them throughout the year via first dibs access, birthday discount, etc.

Final Thoughts

If you absolutely adore Lululemon, studio fitness classes and want to find a like-minded community on Facebook (via the FB group), this is something up your alley.

I believe Toronto membership sign-ups are closed now but I’m sure this will be available again next year if interest levels remain high.

As for myself, well, I should probably scale back on my lulu purchases for now so this will likely be a one-time membership.

Would you get the membership? Let me know any thoughts below.



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